Technological capacities of the enterprise:

  • mechanical works and assembling;
  • circuit board assenbling using surface wiring technique
  • manufacturing and tuning of electronic and pneumatic units
  • cable manufacturing using a wide variety of wires
  • application of paint adn varnish coatings
  • production briquette of warhead antitank guided missiles

The enterprise quality management system has been certified on international standards ISO 9001, aerospace and military standards EN/AS 9100, AQAP 2110 of BUREAU VERITAS Quality International and System of International Certification.


Designation and sphere of application The РПК-470УМ (470.9901-0) maintenance monitor panel is intended for serviceability checks of circuits while carrying out Scheduled Maintenance on АПУ-470(470.8710-0), АПУ-470M(470.8710-0-01) and АКУ-470(470.8720-0) imtes removed from the carrier.
Specifications Supply DC voltage, V 27+2.4-3.0
is not less, hrs 1500(1700 checks) during 10 year
Overall dimensions, mm 388x380x214
Weight of the panel woth set of cables, kg, max 13

Multi-purpose GURT complex and modernized multi-purpose GURT-M complex

Automatic test equipment is designed for on-site preparation and maintenance of airborne precision guided weapons(various missiles and bombs) in operator's field areas or stationary bases.

Composition of complex:

  1. Automatic test equipment(AKPA) that is used to verify air-launched weapon parameters consists of the following general and special perpose units and modules: microcomputer, industrial strength laptop computer, a set of universal converters and generators, switching units for stimuli and signals under check, supply voltage converters, special purpose devices and power resources, random access memory(ZUPV049) for item test and self-test sortware storage.
  2. Maintenance facilites, designed for pre- and post-operational handling of missiles in air-launched weapon test facilites areas, embrance general and special purpose units and assemblies.
  3. Structural, GURT complex provides easy delivery either of loose AKPA components, or complete suites of test equipment to satisfy customer needs in checking out different types of missiles.

GURT complex is capable:

  1. to test more then 40 types of missiles, bombs and their modifications;
  2. to operate in poor environment conditions;
  3. to be computable with IBM computers;
  4. to provide self-diagnostics and fault reporting down to a functional or structural unit or assembly;
  5. to operate independently with self-contained gas and power supply;
  6. to be easy transportable.

Air guided missile R-27 and the instrumental part

R-27 air-to-air missiles are designed to intercept and destroy hostile piloted aircraft, drone targets and cruise missiles in long-range and close-in maneuverable air fight. It features a three-modular construction that incorporates the equipment and guidancesection with a homing head, warhead, solid-propellant rocket motor and three hardpoints. It is compatible with the MiG and Su aircraft weapon systems.


Warhead designed for use in the anti-tank guided missile «КОМБАТ»

Cylinder B-4.5800-0

Designation and sphere of application Cylinder B-4.S800-0 is designed for completing Airborne Rail Launchers АПУ-23М, АПУ-23М1, АПУ-23М1-Е, АПУ-470, П-72-1А items П-72-1А1, П-72-1АБ2 and TOC 10У, 10УБ.
Specifications Length, mm, 1553+5
Diameter, mm, not more than 90.5
Cylinder capacity, 1, 7.3
Operation pressure, kgf/cm2, 280...290
Mass under the pressure P=7S kgf/cm2, kg, not more than, 12.2
Mass under the operation pressure, kg, not more than, 14